Minnesota Public Radio // The Current

“All month long, we’ll be educating and entertaining listeners—featuring the important roles women have played throughout history, enchanting, electrifying, and educating all of us. That sound you hear?
It’s The Siren calling out to our audience.”

MPR’s The Siren is a streaming channel focused on women and non-binary musicians launced in 2022. The Current asked for a key visual that captured their brand essence while expanding it at the same time. I decided to stick with the iconic red and black color scheme The Current is known for, but focused on making the text and imagery expressive and eye catching as both a streaming tile and ad.  To me, The Siren could be a loud beacon or a mysterious underwater creature, and I wanted to pull from the concepts of both while keeping the titular “siren“ anonymous .  Below is a selection of potential key visuals from my brainstorming process as well as a some of the final banner ads produced from the key visual MPR selected.

above, Design iternations for The Siren key visual

above, a selection of final animated banner ads for The Siren