“Pain lacks a perfect history because we love, love, to forget it...The only thing that can convey the nature of pain is the story that grows up around it, like a tree trunk or a scar.”
-Marni Jackson

This yet untitled series in progress is an exploration of the psychological and physiological state of experiencing pain. Pain, be it “real”, that is to say physiological, or “imagined”, that is to say psychosomatic, effects all aspects of daily activity and thought.

Through a multimedia process that results in work that is photographic, painting, drawing, and installation based, I explore the concept of illness and pain, not as a separate entity tacked onto an individual’s personality, but as an ever-changing part of the self.

My recent body of work, Ritual/Instinct explores the ritualistic desire to decorate, adorn, and modify the female body in an effort to achieve beauty. By adopting the structures and materials of animal builders, I investigate how each process - building and beautification - represents labor, time, and, ultimately, creation.

The photographic series Organs explores the implications of a perceived symbiotic relationship between the female body and object. Symbiosis is the biological phenomena in which
organisms depends on one another for survival. In this work, I imagine the far reaches of the close relationship of the body to object - one in which the two physically combine to form a third, hybrid “object-organism”.